Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WSJ & Forbes on email strife, & how I resolve it for you

Bosses and employees can avoid the email strife described in today's Wall Street Journal by taking my 2.5-hour email workshop.

Thanks, WSJ, for the inadvertent commercial. The article sprinkles tips from writing coaches in among anecdotes about office miscommunication and hurt feelings.

Two tips missed: how to write one email for all (regardless of personality type) and how to make it easy for your boss to reply in a single (well understood) word.

Excerpt from workbook cheat sheet
Now composed with thumbs and read on 4.5-inch screens, emails have gotten trickier. And they were always tricky, right?

I gave my first email class in 2003, when people had to be cautioned to step back from the keyboard when angry. Flame mail is not as big a problem as it used to be, and I don't even mention it in my workshops anymore.

Now the emphasis is on how your email can survive the triage process as managers in particular are forced to filter too much email (Forbes).

My suggestions center on restructuring your email -- same info, different order. The WSJ article touches on that a bit. If you take my class, you'll get help overcoming the psychological block that keeps people from doing what they've already been told is the right thing to do. And more ... a lot more.