Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Solo rock CD as multimedia communication: Meet Paul Lesinski

Reprinting an e-mail from my longtime coworker Paul, who does PR for Adobe and is a musician.

In the spirit of the Visual Journalism Bootcamp I attended last week (top quote from Brian Storm, primary instructor at the bootcamp: "Audio is the spine of multimedia."), I'm declaring Paul a multimedia journalist. It's a stretch in that we normally don't think of rock music as journalism, but I'm re-thinking a lot of things these days, so why not.

In fact, Paul's got a journalism background, too, so it's doubly fitting. Viva creativity and self-actualization! Go, Paul!

You can listen to his music for free. Click on the first link in his note below.

From Paul, 6/2/10:

You may be aware that over the past year I have been working on recording my first ever solo CD. Well, today is the big day and the release, called A Fear Of Flashing Light, is now available for download at

Recorded from April 2009 through May 2010, the 12 song CD spans various genres including straight ahead rock and roll, progressive rock, and some acoustic-based tunes as well. There is also a fancy 13 page digital booklet with lyrics and artwork so your eyes can be as jazzed as your ears.

Various talented musicians joined me on this CD, most notably all of my bandmates from colorfield as well as all four former members of my touring band from 1990-1995, The Strangers. In fact the tune Walkin’ (track #5) is a veritable Strangers reunion of the original band.

I am making the CD available as a free download but am also offering the option to pay a suggested $5 to help offset the cost of recording and mastering. Physical CDs will also be available via snail mail in about a month, and I will let you know about that when the time comes.

Thanks, and ENJOY the music!